CWRU MSTP Steering Committee

The MSTP Steering Committee currently consists of faculty members from various basic science and clinical departments. The committee meets monthly and oversees program operation. The MSTP Steering Committee members are also directly involved with the selection and evaluation of the MSTP candidates. The Steering Committee makes admission decisions that are honored by the Graduate School and the School of Medicine.

The committee approves the selection of PhD thesis advisors and PhD thesis committees, and it reviews academic and research performance of MSTP trainees. Steering Committee members are also mentors and role models for the MSTP students and are always willing to respond to students' needs or questions via e-mail, phone, or drop-in visits.

MSTP students should choose one of the basic science representatives to the Steering Committee to be a member of their PhD Thesis Committee.

CWRU MSTP Steering Committee
Basic Science Representatives

Committee Member PhD Programs
Abbott, Derek Pathology
Alsberg, Eben Biomedical Engineering, Pathology
Dubyak, George Physiology and Biophysics, Pharmacology, Pathology: Immunology
Durand, Dominique Biomedical Engineering, Neurosciences, Physiology & Biophysics
Fairchild, Robert Pathology: Immunology
Harding, Clifford Pathology: Immunology
Huang, Alex Pathology
Jankowsky, Eckhard Biochemistry, RNA and Molecular Biology
Keri, Ruth Pharmacology
Levine, Alan Pharmacology, Cell Biology, Pathology: Cancer Biology and Immunology
MacDonald, Paul Pharmacology
McDonald, David Molecular and Microbiology, Molecular Virology, Cell Biology
Narla, Goutham Cancer Biology
Silver, Jerry Neurosciences
Spilsbury, James Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Clinical Translational Science
Stein, Catherine

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Steinmetz, Nicole Biomedical Engineering
Tesar, Paul Genetics

Steering Committee Clinical Representatives

Debra Leizman, MD, Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine, and Director, MSTP Clinical Tutorial

Steering Committee MD Admissions Representatives

Marion Skalweit, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry

Christian Essman, Director of Admissions, School of Medicine