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Bryan  L  Benson

Entering Class: 2011
PhD Program: Pathology
Advisor: Richard Ransohoff, MD, and Alex Huang, MD, PhD
Laboratory: WRB 6-136

Undergraduate Institution: University of Michigan
Hometown: Natick, MA.

Research Interests: My research interest is in understanding biophysical mechanisms of signaling between endothelial cells and leukocytes in the context of microvascular fluid flow. This will hopefully translate to greater understanding of the onset of inflammation in diseases such as MS.

About me: Outside of lab I like to be outdoors and stay active. I'm into biking, skiing, weightlifting, hiking and backpacking.

Comment about the MSTP program: The integration of the clinical and academic sides of the physician-scientist life is exceptional at the Case MSTP, and is one of the major strengths of our program. My classmates are not only exceptional scientists - they are also incredible people. They inspire me to follow their example.

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