Besides excellent basic science and clinical training there are many other little things at CWRU School of Medicine that make your life easier. Some of these are listed below.

Tuition is covered for all years of the program. The annual stipend is $29,000 as of 7/1/2017.
MSTP students receive funds to purchase a computer during their study at CWRU.
The MSTP provides health insurance for all its students.
CWRU MSTP has a monthly meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of every month which includes a dinner and a short talk. Speakers are either steering committee members, senior students, or other faculty members. Talks often include subjects outside the realm of basic science, such as anthropology, HMO's, and patent law.
There is an annual summer retreat every July that lasts two days. Students ditch their labs for two days and head off to a state park for some fun in the sun. It's not all play though - the days are packed with talks and workshops. Some topics we've had in the past include grant writing, HTML, evolutionary medicine, powerpoint, and aging.
We also have an annual winter retreat that features scientific presentations by students and an outside invited speaker.
The MSTP office has a friendly staff that is willing to help with everything from making copies, to organizing events, choosing a lab rotation, and just about anything you can think of. Their candy jar is always full, too (but the chocolates go quickly).
The steering committee is composed of about a dozen faculty members. They are basically the congressional body of the program and are involved in all decisions (including admissions). When you are here, they will help you find a mentor and evaluate your progress through the program.

Students have several levels of mentorship. Each has a student mentor. The director of the program, Cliff Harding; the co-director, Derek Abbott; and the associate director, Agata Exner, make themselves available for advice and guidance.
The program prides itself on student involvement. Students are represented by the MSTP council, which has a few members from every class. They plan the retreat, monthly meetings, etc. They also give feedback and advice to the director, and perform various other duties.
All current students have the opportunity to wine and dine the prospective students, compliments of the MSTP. You'll be familiar with all the restaurants around the area by the time you're done with year one.