Cleveland Life

Below you will find the answers to some questions that prospective students commonly have about life in Cleveland.

Q. Why would I move to Cleveland?

A. Other than the outstanding MSTP, Cleveland has lots of attractions that make it a good place to live. In fact, some would say that it has all the high points of a big city without big city hassles like insane rush hour traffic. The cost of living is also very reasonable; this includes housing near the university.

Q. Does Cleveland have the cultural offerings found in other cities?

A. You name it; we've got it. The world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra is right across the street from the University. In fact, as a student you can get discounted tickets. Blossom Music Center, an outdoor amphitheater, is one of the better known venues for concerts in the area. It's home to a summer symphony concert series and countless other concerts encompassing a variety of musical styles and genres. Cain Park in the middle of Cleveland Heights is also a good place to check for summer concerts and festivals. Whatever the musical entertainment you're looking for you can find it somewhere in Cleveland, OH. The visual arts are also well represented in our town. The Cleveland Museum of Art is cool and it's free to everyone. It's located in University Circle along with the Museum of Natural History , the Botanical Gardens , and other attractions. The thespian arts can be found at the Cleveland Playhouse , Playhouse Square , and other reputable houses in the theater district are excellent places.

Q. Do I need a car?

A. While the medical school's official statement might suggest that you can live in Cleveland without a car, it is definitely not highly recommended. As in most Midwestern cities, an automobile is the prime mode of transportation for most residents and most points of interest are not centrally located. Additionally, public transportation, while extant, is limited. We strongly urge that you have a car or at least plan on having a car while in the program, but conveniently the MSTP stipend is probably sufficient to purchase at least modest transportation (e.g. a Hyundai Elantra, Kia Sephia, or whatever.) The unaltered picture on the right demonstrates how to optimize the use of your stipend by converting your Hyundai to a Mercedes.

Q. I am a sports fan. What does Cleveland have to offer?

A. Cleveland is a sports town. We are home to the Browns (NFL), the Indians (MLB), the Cavaliers (NBA), and the Lake Erie Monsters (AHL/hockey).

Q. I golf. Can I support my habit in Cleveland?

A. There are many affordable public courses in our area. The golf season can last from March to November.

Q. How's the waterfront?

A. The area on the banks of the Cuyahoga River has been developed into a premier entertainment zone. There are restaurants, concert halls, Metroparks, and various clubs to suit all tastes. Lake Erie has several beaches, areas for boating, jet skiing, fishing, and sailing.

Q. How's the winter?

A. If you're coming from Buffalo, this is paradise. If you're coming from New Orleans, it's not as bad as you think. There are usually two heavy snowfalls each winter and occasionally snowy days from November to February. Not to worry, the roads are cleared very efficiently. For you snow birds, there's cross-country skiing, small ski slopes within an hour and larger slopes within four hours.

Q. Where are some good restaurants in the area?

A. Little Italy has…you guessed it…great Italian restaurants. For instance, Valentinos has the best pizza in Cleveland. Mamma Santos has the cheapest pizza in Cleveland. You pick. Downtown Cleveland is your best bet for upscale dining. The Tremont area has more trendy and eclectic dining.

Q. What resources are available for apartment hunting?

A. The medical school has a published list of available housing every semester that can be obtained from the Office of Admissions. In addition, there always seem to be postings about rooms, apartments, and housing for rent on the various bulletin boards around campus. The following link is to the University Housing and Residence Life Off-Campus Housing web page. Of course, you can always check the newspapers such the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Free Times, etc. Typically, you can find a one bedroom around the University starting at $650. As you may predict, the further you get from University Circle the cheaper rent gets. Three bedrooms can start around $900.

Q. Where's a good place to shop for groceries?

A. How about the supermarket… No really there are several good markets in the area. The main ones are Dave's Market, Giant Eagle, Heinen's, and Whole Food's. A popular alternative for fresh produce and meat products is the West Side Market located conveniently, as you might have guessed, on the West Side.