Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine is committed to achieving diversity in research and educational programs. Reinforcing this institution-wide commitment, the MSTP welcomes applications from diverse individuals, including those from racial and ethnic groups under-represented in biomedical science and medicine, those with physical disabilities, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. If you would like to contact a minority student representative of the Case MSTP, please email, and we will put you in contact with one of our current students.

David Satcher, MD, PhD, and SNMA members at the Minority House staff, faculty and students welcome dinner at the Ritz Carlton in 2008. Dr. Satcher, the former US Surgeon General and the first African American to earn the combined MD-PhD degree from Case, was the keynote speaker. Minority MD students, including MSTP, are invited to this event every year and welcomed by minority faculty, fellows, and residents. That's MSTP student Lachelle Weeks on Dr. Satcher's left.

Dr. Satcher and MSTP students during a campus visit in 2015.

Several resources, including both institution and student-led initiatives, are available for prospective and current minority students.

Minority Graduate Student Organization (MGSO)
The MGSO was formed in 2001 to foster a student group identity and shared values. The MGSO meets once a month to discuss member research experiences. They also invite faculty to discuss their research. Contact Mr. Joseph Williams, Director of Multicultural Affairs.

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
Established in 1964, the SNMA is the nation's oldest and largest independent, student-run organization for minority students. The SNMA chapter at CWRU serves the needs and interests of Black, Latino and Native American students through monthly meetings, community outreach activities and programming to assist in the recruitment of prospective students. Our SNMA maintains a library of gently used educational resources and organizes review sessions as needed to support the academic success of its members. Together with LMSA, the SNMA hosts an annual welcome barbeque at the home of Dr. Robert Haynie, Dean of Student Affairs, for all entering and returning MD and MSTP students. In addition, SNMA and LMSA sponsor an annual Minority Medical Retreat for minority students and physicians to foster networking and social support among members of the minority medical community.

Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)
LMSA is a network of students, alumni and health professionals who are interested in the health and well-being of the Latino community, dedicated to providing social and professional support for Latino students, and committed to increasing cultural awareness within our medical school community. LMSA has established a medical Spanish program and shadowing programs with Spanish-speaking clinics. LMSA participates annually in the Puerto Rican Day Parade and organizes an annual Cinco-de-Mayo celebration. LMSA co-hosts both the annual welcome barbeque and the Minority Medical retreat with the SNMA to help foster a sense of community and support among minority students and faculty.

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)
The tri-fold mission of APAMSA to (1) to bring together Asians and others interested in the health issues that affect Asians in order to develop a strong, collective, public and political voice; (2) to directly promote the health and well-being of the Asian community as well as help all health care workers who work with these communities understand how to care for the Asian patient in a culturally sensitive manner; (3) APAMSA provides an important forum for APA medical students to meet, exchange information and experiences and develop personally and professionally. Our events have included a bone marrow drive, HepB screenings, dim sum with docs, National conference, mental health in Asian community, and more!