The Life of a Case MSTP

Here we try and capture the spirit - the essence - of the CWRU MSTP...

The Village People.

They may be before your time, but we MSTPers have been here awhile. We remember them.

During the first 2 clinical years, this is how most of us spend our time. Use this as a guide: if you AREN'T doing this in med school, then you are doing something wrong.
Though you'll be catching plenty of shut-eye during med school, you'll have to do some backbreaking work during the PhD years.

Oh, and don't think you BME people get off scott free: just because you program computers and play with electrodes doesn't mean you won't have your fair shair of misery.

Beware the Blue Screen of Death.

Sometimes, you need a little snack to get you through the day.

It's pathetic, I know, but she looks so happy...

Would you take that away from her?

We count down the hours till we are free of the pipettes, the gels, and the mice.







And we all know what happens afterwards on Friday night...

Disco dancing!!







(yes, we're still in the lab.)

A night of disco dancing wouldn't be complete without the proper inebriants.



(Any organic solvent will do.)

After a long night of disco dancing, you, too, will be enthused to be a part of the Case MSTP.


That's right: he's sporting a vintage Case MSTP t-shirt.

It's one of the many perks of our program.

Unfortunately, this is how too many of our disco dancing nights end up.




(yes, they're still in the lab)

Can you see it? Maybe you need some more inebriants.

Photos courtesy of G.T. Brown