Clinical and Translational Scientist Training Program

The CWRU CTSTP was launched in 2007 to expand opportunities for combined
degree training in clinical and translational research.  The CTSTP is a branch of the MSTP with full MSTP status and support for CTSTP students, but CTSTP students will have a distinct set of training areas related to clinical and translational research.  The overall structure of training is the same in the MSTP and CTSTP, with graduate courses integrated into the first two years of medical school, and clinical training integrated into the PhD phase, to create a truly integrated physician-scientist training program.

The CTSTP is administered through the combined MSTP/CTSTP office (Kathy Schultz, Administrative Director; Bart Jarmusch, Program Coordinator).  It is funded through the T32 component of the CTSA grant.  The CTSTP represents the T32/TL1 component of the CTSA Education Module, which supports MD-PhD and DNP-PhD training (options for DDS-PhD training are under development). Current recruiting of MD-PhD students is for training within three PhD programs: Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Biomedical Engineering, and Systems Biology & Bioinformatics (more training areas are under development). For more information see the Education and Training section on the CTSA website.

MD-PhD students supported by the CTSTP have the same status, privileges, and support as MSTP students; they are considered full citizens of the MSTP community, yet they also have training and program activities relevant to their area of training.  If a student's interests evolve during the first two years in the program, it is possible to switch from MSTP to CTSTP or vice versa.