Returning to MD 3

You've almost finished your PhD! Now, how do you get back to med school?

  1. See pages 29-33 in the MSTP Guidelines for information on the timing of your return.

  2. Talk to the School of Medicine Registrar to get scheduled in your clinical blocks.

  3. Make sure your Society Dean knows you're planning to return.

  4. If you're not on the SOM Google Group for the graduating class, sign up for it here:!overview
    After logging in, search for the following:
    Both searches will bring up a listing of all years, and you can choose which ones you want to subscribe to.

  5. You must complete all of your PhD program's requirements for graduation before you can return to med school.

  6. Look at the Grad Studies calendar for graduation application deadlines and a link to the graduation application. Go to, choose Current Students, and click on Dates + Deadlines. Although your PhD requirements must be complete before you go back to med school, it's not necessary to actually graduate before you go back. For example, if you plan to go back in September, it's OK to have a January graduation.

  7. If you're returning to med school in July, September, or November, it is not necessary to register for graduate credits in the summer or fall semesters.

  8. When you know your defense date, please send it to Kathy Schultz. She also needs your thesis title, and a location and time for the thesis seminar, so she can put it on the MSTP calendar.

  9. If your plans change, it's important that you let the School of Medicine Registrar and Kathy know as soon as possible.

  10. Get retrained in CPR. Contact Andrea Bryner, Administrative Director of the Mount Sinai Skills and Simulation Center ( or 216-368-0064) to find out about available training sessions.

  11. Make sure your immunizations are up to date. You can check your immunization record online with University Health Service. Click on the Open Communicator link to check your records and schedule an appointment.

  12. Make sure you have a login and password for the Clinical Assessment System (CAS). If you do not, contact

  13. Keep up on your blood-borne pathogen and hazard communication training through Environmental Health and Safety online.

  14. Hospital ID cards will be issued through the hospitals when you begin your rotations. It's better to wait until you start than to try to get the ID ahead of time.

  15. UH will give you a memo to get your ID. Take the memo to the 6th floor of the UH MCCO Building, just behind the med school next to the service center. (This is the building with the red UH logo.)

  16. HIPPA and Quality Assurance tests are hospital-specific, and the hospitals will handle these.

  17. A heads-up for mid third year: register for USMLE Step 2 CS. If you take 4 or more years to do your PhD, your USMLE registration will have expired, because it's only good for 5 years. It will take at least a week to get registered again. The med school wants you to take this by Nov 1, and your registration is good for 1 year. Students who have been through this process suggest registering in December or January when you'll have your pick of days and times. The day and time can be changed later without penalty.

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