Case MSTP Women's Group

The Women's Group is a student-driven initiative to develop programs and seminars to address issues pertinent to female MD-PhDs. We are fortunate to have Dr. Marion Skalweit MD, PhD as our faculty advisor.

These are some of our recent activities:

  • Dr. ChesseletDinner with the MSTP Winter Retreat Keynote Speaker, Marie-Francoise Chesselet, MD,PhD.  Dr. Chesselet is an accomplished physician-scientist who is chair of the Neurobiology program at UCLA and Director ofthe UCLA Udall Parkinson's Disease Center of Excellence.  She talked about how she successfully traversed a career as a physician-scientist and how she balanced research commitments with her personal life.
  • Discussion on balancing your career and your family with Cynthia Bearer, MD, PhD (previous MSTP Women's Group advisor), Erin Stepka, MD, PhD (CWRU alumna), and Jessica Madden, MD (neonatology fellow).
  • Tutorial on "how to set up your lab" with Alan Malouf, MD and Christopher Wilson, PhD (Pediatrics).
  • Holiday cookie baking.
  • Summer BBQ with new students and mentors.
  • Lunches with School of Medicine Dean Pam Davis, MD, PhD; with recent grads of the program; and with Usha Stiefel, MD, and Marion Skalweit, MD, PhD.
  • Kid-friendly activities for the moms in the program.
  • Women Faculty of the School of Medicine (WFSOM) events.

If you would like to talk to a student, feel free to contact Teresa Evans.





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